Sunday, April 20, 2014

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Saturday, April 19, 2014

DDC AMASSING S, A & DATA ONLY $o-fAR nyezdrahst MAY will be CLO$ERTO IZ$

  1. Penzant Metallon Zzyzup
    13 minutes ago
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  2. Looking for new tenant(s) for upstairs.

    Apt. /mo. Pets Gorham NH
    [ post ][ account ]0 favoritesCL >new hampshire >all housing >apts/housing for rent— — —✉☎contactxprohibited[?]Posted: 2014-04-19 1:28pm $600 / 2br - Apt. /mo. Pets Gorham NH (Cascade Flats) 38 Cascade flats (google map) (yahoo map) 2BR / 1Baapartmentw/d...
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  3. I am proud of every race and person of the world.-Penzant
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  4. Penzant Metallon Zzyzup
    In the southeast part of Gorham NH there used to be a lead mine in days of old. I believe a former landlord of my building in Cascade Flats GorhamNH may have worked there. A rock hound perhaps ? I want to bring... See More

    'i bought a mine' TV Show on MPTS: fORtHELUVof Masonry and Rocks DDCivilization Izzz
  5. DDC has been amassing masonry and rocks excluding none even the doggy doo cement of old.

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